Monday, May 17, 2010

World is about to get closer!

'Head I win, Tail you lose! I eat the pie, and keep the cherries too! '

This has been the story of all the developed markets; when everybody thought, everything was working just fine. The growth of the economy was driven by financial system, that allowed to consume more and save less. The financial institutions made a killing, during the growth of these economies. Now the same institutions are trying to gang up together;to save their markets or shall we say; themselves. Just look at what is happening to Eurozone. They created a bigger economy out of all the economies;to give them more muscle power; to negotiate with the world and now when the crisis has hit, they are thinking who should bear the loss! The cookie is about to crumble, and with more and more stimulus, austerity measures, tax on tax- developed world shall bridge the gap with the developing world.
Time is a great leveler(they say), and it is about to come true. The economies that were built with the trade of toxics- namely opium, tobacco, tea, loot , divide & rule are going to succumb to their own designs. Not many people remember, perhaps thanks to short memories- what was legal then, is illegal now. And now they have successfully transported the financial toxics to the entire world.

The emergence of new world order, is going to be good for the human race, because when you have a say, they do listen.

Last Laugh: You made the monies , now make the loss! Head or tail, it doesn't matter et all..

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Snake Charmer in a box!

I have traveled a million miles, before I realized.
If God was a banker, I was in the company of Devils!
I have known lot of Devil's , some snake charmers too.
Snake charmers are always a breed- found in the fields of Gold!

Managing people's money, is never easy. Being honest is the toughest decision you make , because you have to achieve that target/ that contest/ that trip/ that incentive, that lures you to taking short cuts in life. Life is a great leveler, you can win some in the short run, but it shall be level playing field sooner or later.

I met a guy once, he told me he won't buy the product I was selling, but he would definitely buy the shares of my company some day.....I guess I couldn't sell because I was honest, but I was able to win an investor for life.

Now coming back to the snake charmers. The most beautiful lot in your institution, hired to make the riches move their coffers. They can sell without selling, even to dead!

Once I got a complaint from a customer, I went to meet her along with her relationship manager and I was shocked to see that she was suffering from cancer. The issue was that she couldn't pay the premium of an insurance policy because she needed the money for her treatment. The snake charmer had sold it saying its a short term safe investment. We were able to report the mis-selling and get her money back for the much needed cancer treatment. The snake charmer had disappeared by then. Snake charmers go into hiding after they have made fortunes, thinking nobody would notice them, till life comes a full circle.

Beware of snake charmer's, they got an eye on your gold.

While dealing in money matters , look for the following:
1. How long has this person been doing the job?
2. How many times has he/she changed jobs?
3. One who can't make money himself/herself, can't make money for you.
4. Is the person selling or understanding what you need?
5. Does he/she appear only when a new product has come on the shelf or does he/she come for regular appraisal of portfolio?


Blue is the sky....Aqua Blue is the water with a shade of orange. Cold is the breeze, running over the beautiful waves. Sun is setting and lights are rising.

Here I'm looking at the miracle called Life and I have arrived to make a difference. Life is a Mission , make it happen.

Thank you God for being so kind, for blessing this life.